The Campaigns Communications Strategist will play a key role in bolstering the ACLU-VA visibility across the Commonwealth. The Campaigns Communications Strategist provides communications support to achieve goals of the ACLU-VA’s priority campaigns. The Campaigns Communication Strategist will work closely with the affiliate’s advocacy team, which is principally responsible for top tier campaign outcomes, to design communications strategies, and with other members of the communications team on tactical execution. 


Campaigns Communications Strategy  Work with the advocacy team to research appropriate audiences, messaging, and communications delivery mechanisms to support campaign goals;  Develop measurable communications plans to support campaign goals;  Implement communications campaigns plans in coordination with the advocacy team;  Evaluate the effectiveness of campaign communications efforts to determine their success and refine plans;  In coordination with the advocacy team, develop measurable communications plans to integrate with other aspects of the advocacy campaigns, including legislative efforts and grassroots lobbying;  Coordinate with coalition members and other organizational partners on communications efforts; and  Coordinate with other members of the communications team on development and execution of communications tactics.