NRG Consulting Group is running a search with Peace First, a really cool organization that supports international youth leaders. The gig is virtual, but ideally we’d find someone in NYC, BOS, SF. The job pays $90k-$125k. It’s basically a major donor job. They want someone who knows fundraising, is a strong project manager (can get the CEO and Board to raise money), and makes a good first impression (good storyteller). The person in this role will travel 40% of the time if based outside of Boston, NYC, and SF,  and 25% of the time if based in a donor hub city. The CEO is awesome to work with. People love him. He’d take a chance on a hotshot without much fundraising experience if they were a great storyteller/project manager. Apply on Workpop or tell us who we should be talking to! Please reach out to joanna@nrgconsultinggrooup.org to schedule an informational interview.