You know what needs to be done. America needs to move to 100% renewable energy, keep fossil fuels in the ground, ban pesticides that kill off bees and other pollinators, expand protections for our parks and wildlife, and more.

As an Environment America Fellow you will research and write reports: Catalogue and analyze sources of carbon pollution in the United States. Detail the success of the Clean Water Act in our reports. Help us to influence public debate and earn media attention for our cause.

Lobby elected officials: Discuss strategy with a champion in Congress. Make a convincing case to a legislator who is undecided on a particular vote. Work the “inside game” to complement our outside field operation, where most of our power is derived.
Build powerful coalitions: Reach out to small businesses, farmers, public health officials, unions and others to demonstrate broad- based support for our policy goals.

Generate traditional media and social media attention: Organize news conferences and write opinion pieces. Maintain a presence on Facebook and Twitter for your campaigns. Work to shine a spotlight on our issues.

Run citizen outreach campaigns: Direct citizen outreach offices. Hire and manage a staff of 20 canvassers, raise money, build our membership and help win one of our key campaigns.
Identify and cultivate donors: Reach out to foundations and major donors and ask them to fund our work to fight global warming, ban fracking and protect our most spectacular natural areas.

To learn more and apply click here: http://workforprogress.org/job-board/entry/144

Environment America is an equal opportunity employer and will not discriminate against any employee or applicant on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, age, sex, disability, pregnancy, sexual orientation or veteran status.

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