Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence (PCADV) is seeking an exceptional Executive Director who has a personal and professional passion and commitment to serving in the domestic violence movement. The Executive Director will be a stellar communicator who brings innovation and vision to a state-wide coalition committed to working together to end domestic violence in Pennsylvania.

The Executive Director must resonate with PCADV’s mission and possess a commitment to excellence in advancing the organization, providing sound fiscal management, and sustaining positive relationships with the Board of Directors, member programs, staff, community partners, and key constituencies. The Executive Director will demonstrate strong integrity and personal and strategic leadership. S/he will develop internal relationships, build the culture, and advance programming.

In addition to the Executive Director, the senior management team includes a Deputy Director for Program Services, Director of Administration and Finance, Director of Fund Development, Director of Public Affairs, and Special Assistant to the Executive Director for Special Projects.

Key Responsibilities

PCADV’s next Executive Director will:

  • Be the public voice of PCADV and position the organization as a respected leader in the movement.  Communicate PCADV’s vision with passion and commitment, and engage others to act in ways that advance the Coalition’s public policy and programmatic priorities.
  • Cultivate a unified and collaborative Coalition that lives out its values and Principles of Unity.
  • Elevate PCADV’s brand as an innovative, cutting-edge Coalition, positioned to tackle emerging issues that arise in the movement.
  • Foster and maintain excellent working relationships with member programs.
  • Ensure that the organizational culture is one that is progressive, transparent, consistent, and highly communicative. Maintain a climate that attracts, engages, motivates, and retains a diverse, highly qualified staff.
  • Provide strategic fiscal leadership that supports current programs and services, increases revenue, and strengthens the financial health of the organization.
  •  Assess progress toward strategic priorities and lead the organization (staff and membership) through strategic planning processes at appropriate times.
  •  Assess existing partnerships and relationships, and cultivate and grow relationships with key external stakeholders.
  • Provide leadership to the senior management team to foster professional development, establish expectations, and continue to provide outstanding programs and services from staff throughout the organization.
  • Support PCADV’s membership committees in an effort to advance the priorities of each committee.
  • Support the Board of Directors in its governance role and foster its ongoing development and capacity building.
  • Monitor and analyze relevant activity in the legislative and administrative branches of the Commonwealth’s government and in peer advocacy organizations.

Experience and Attributes

Ideal candidates for this position will reflect PCADV’s core values and will demonstrate an ability to quickly integrate into the community and serve as an engaged, inspiring, innovative, and visionary leader. Candidates will bring a variety of experiences and attributes to PCADV, including:  

·      Demonstrated commitment to social justice values and the communities PCADV serves.

·      At least 10 years’ experience working in a senior leadership capacity in the nonprofit sector and/or human services or closely aligned field; solid experience working in or alongside the domestic violence movement is a plus.

·         Demonstrated business and financial management skills.

·         Strong fundraising track record with an emphasis on experience with government grants, and a capacity to initiate and implement private fundraising campaigns and diversify funding sources.

·      Ability to distill the interests and needs of domestic violence programs, and to interpret state policies to understand how they will affect programs on the ground.

·      Experience helping organizations develop and implement creative strategies that lead to increased capacity and outcomes.

·      Ability to work well with decision-makers of all political stripes.

·      Ability to push incremental change with broader long-term goals in sight.

·      Willingness to develop deep and lasting relationships with stakeholders and decision makers.

·      Strong experience with large, multi-organization grassroots coalitions or networks, and experience with advocacy campaigns.

·      Must be an authentic leader with strong interpersonal skills.

·      Must be a masterful communicator and excellent listener with strong ability to build trust among a wide range of constituents.

·      Strong supervision and management skills. An inclusive leadership and management style that encourages staff in ways that motivate them to perform at their best and provides opportunities for professional advancement.

·      Track record of successful multi-agency/multi-program collaboration.

·      Bachelor’s degree required. Advanced degree in a relevant field preferred.


Application Process

To apply, e-mail your resume, a cover letter that explains how your skills align with the requirements above, and salary requirements to: PCADV@raffa.com (e-mail applications are required). For other inquiries, contact James Sunshine at jsunshine@raffa.com. Resume reviews begin immediately.

PCADV is an Equal Opportunity Employer/Affirmative Action Employer and does not discriminate in hiring on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state or local law. Women and persons of color are encouraged to apply. 

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About Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence

PCADV is a statewide collaborative membership organization committed to ending intimate partner violence and all forms of violence against women.  Founded in 1976, PCADV’s membership is comprised of 60 community-based domestic violence programs that offer a lifeline to safety in every county of the Commonwealth without regard to age, sex, race, religion, physical ability, sexual orientation/identity, or economic status. These programs serve nearly 100,000 victims of domestic violence each year through intervention services that are provided free of charge and include 24 hour hotlines, crisis centers, individual and group counseling/support, shelters etc. PCADV’s Prevention, Intervention, and Change work includes: PreventionPCADV is committed to prioritizing, elevating, and extending preventative research and initiatives to combat dating and domestic violence at the most critical time—before it occurs. This work aspires to break the generational cycle of violence for children, teens, and young adults by influencing public attitudes and social norms to create a future in which lives are neither limited by nor lost to domestic violenceInterventionThe Coalition collectively strives to create accessibility to effective, free, and confidential services designed to meet the complex needs of victims and their children. We do this by: ·         Providing technical assistance and resources to anyone whose professional role is to work directly with victims of domestic violence. ·         Engaging domestic violence professionals to ensure they have the latest information, strategies, and resources needed to support victims of domestic violence who seek assistance. ·         Training a vast network of law enforcement, judiciary, health care, and government providers on best practices to improve response, safety, and justice for victims of domestic violence.ChangeThe Coalition is the collective voice of change in advocating for Pennsylvania’s victims of domestic violence and their children. We do this by:·         Effectively articulating Pennsylvania’s diversity of need to secure legislative and social change at the state and national levels.·         Educating and lobbying the legislature for improved policies to protect victims of domestic violence and to enhance community safety.·         Expanding our chain of influence by mobilizing our network of supporters and community programs in district-level, state, and national advocacy.Recent Coalition Milestones ·         Achieved regional, statewide and national recognition for implementation of a lethality assessment program and economic justice initiatives.·         Achieved passage of significant policy reforms related to child custody, housing, PFAs, and strangulation. ·         Became a leader in primary prevention curricula, including the annual Father’s Day campaign which raises awareness among men and boys to break the cycle of violence.With an operating budget of approximately $4.5M, PCADV employs a dedicated staff of 33. The Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors which is comprised of both membership and community representatives. The Board oversees PCADV’s strategic priorities, evaluates PCADV’s effectiveness, and provides financial oversight.  The membership is led by a Steering Committee consisting of Coalition members elected to serve in leadership capacities including: designated officers, regional representatives, chairs of standing committees, and PCADV’s Executive Director. In addition to community-based programs, the membership also includes Caucuses that give voice to traditionally underserved, under represented or disenfranchised populations in the governance of PCADV. Caucuses also provide opportunities for support and leadership training for their members. The three Caucuses include 1) Battered/Formerly Battered Women's Caucus (B/FBWC). 2) Gender and Sexual Justice Caucus (GSJC) and 3) Women of Color Caucus (WOCC).The Coalition’s Strategic PrioritiesThe Coalition seeks to achieve the following strategic goals:• A united Coalition – A coalition that embodies strong communication and meaningful relationships and one where the roles of the staff, Board, membership, and the organization as a whole are clearly defined.• A collaborative Coalition recognized for its high quality, innovative programs and services – a Coalition that identifies, develops, and disseminates best practices, and serves as a one-stop shop for technical assistance. • A Coalition recognized as the premier domestic violence organization locally, state-wide, and nationally – a Coalition whose high quality and innovative programs and services and system advocacy efforts provide the foundation for local, state-wide, and national recognition. • A Coalition with a strong unified voice – A Coalition whose aligned voice and strong brand continually advances a strong public policy agenda.• A Coalition continually positioned for the evolving future – A Coalition that pays close attention to future trends, and implements programs and services that meet changing needs. • A Coalition that leverages its impact –A Coaltion that collaborates with individuals and organizations that can help to make a difference. To learn more about how we advance our work, visit www.pcadv.org.