Founded in 2017, the Lawyering Project is a legal advocacy organization that blends traditional impact litigation with movement lawyering to promote reproductive health, rights, and justice throughout the United States. We are fiscally sponsored by the Tides Center, a 501(c)(3) organization.

Laws that undermine reproductive rights and justice deprive people of moral agency, rob us of control over our bodies, and compound other forms of oppression like racism, sexism, and poverty. Our mission is to eliminate these laws and the harmful impacts they have on people’s lives. We are especially focused on laws that limit the availability or affordability of abortion care; contribute to disparities in reproductive health outcomes; embody gender-based stereotypes; or discriminate against people based on their reproductive decisions.

Our goal is a legal system that enables each of us to make decisions about intensely personal matters like sex, pregnancy, family, and healthcare based on our own beliefs and values, and ensures that we all have the resources we need to carry out those decisions.

We have two legal programs: Constitutional Litigation and Access & Innovation. These complementary programs seek to eliminate barriers to abortion access and uphold the dignity of people seeking and providing abortion care. The Constitutional Litigation Program focuses on developing and prosecuting constitutional challenges to restrictive abortion laws. The Access & Innovation Program supports abortion access and innovation in service delivery by providing legal services to abortion providers, researchers, and advocates. The goal of this work is to remove practical barriers to abortion access and innovation that cannot be addressed through constitutional litigation.

The Senior Counsel will support both of the Lawyering Project’s legal programs.  The Senior Counsel will participate in all aspects of constitutional litigation from case development through appeal. Additionally, the Senior Counsel will advise and represent Access & Innovation clients.

The Senior Counsel is an exempt position.  Exempt employees are expected to work the appropriate and necessary time in order to complete key assignments and related tasks on schedule.


·       Assist in the development of litigation to advance the Lawyering Project’s mission;

·       Participate in all aspects of litigation in both trial and appellate courts;

·       Participate in strategy formation and case management;

·       Conduct legal research, analysis, and writing;

·       Advise and represent Access & Innovation clients;

·       Supervise, mentor, support, and train less experienced attorneys, litigation support personnel, and law students;

·       Work effectively with co-counsel, including pro bono counsel;

·       Stay up-to-date on developments in relevant areas of the law;

·       Assist in maintaining client relationships; and

·       Cultivate an organizational culture that aligns with the Lawyering Project’s core values


·       Assist with the recruitment and orientation of new staff members;

·       Assist in maintaining strategic partnerships with allied organizations; and

·       Represent the Lawyering Project at conferences, convenings, and speaking engagements


The Senior Counsel must have:

·       A J.D. or equivalent degree;

·       An active license to practice law in a U.S. jurisdiction;

·       At least 7 years of complex, civil litigation experience; and

·       A commitment to advancing reproductive rights and justice


The Senior Counsel must have:

·       Knowledge of civil procedure; reproductive rights jurisprudence; and the reproductive health, rights, and justice movements;

·       Skill in developing and prosecuting complex litigation; legal research, analysis, and writing; cultivating strategic relationships; and working in coalition; and

·       Ability to analyze complex legal issues and write about them succinctly; manage a team; meet deadlines; be creative and take risks;  supervise and mentor less experienced colleagues and law students; work well under pressure; and cultivate a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work culture that encourages and celebrates differences


The Senior Counsel reports to a Senior Counsel & Director and works closely with other staff members, clients, co-counsel, and allied organizations. 


Must be able to travel domestically on an airplane 12-24 times per year.


This is a full-time position that sometimes requires work during evenings and weekends.  This position may be based anywhere within the United States.  The Senior Counsel has the option to work from home or from a co-working space. 


The Lawyering Project has a fixed salary scale based on experience and locality.  The current base salary for a 2011 law school graduate is $134,091.  The current base salary for a 2000 law school graduate is $162,365.  The complete salary scale will be provided upon request.  Applicants who reside in high cost-of-living areas such as Boston, Los Angeles, New York City, Oakland, San Diego, San Francisco, and Seattle (as determined by MIT’s Living Wage Calculator) are eligible for a 10% increase in base salary. We offer a robust benefits package that includes health insurance, a retirement savings plan, and paid time off.  


Please email jobs@lawyeringproject.org with the subject line “Senior Counsel Position.”  Attach a cover letter, resume, legal writing sample (5-10 pages), and list of three professional references.  Applications without these attachments will not be considered, even if the applicant applies through a job site that enables them to send a direct message.  Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis beginning July 15. 


The Lawyering Project is an equal opportunity employer.  We will not discriminate against any applicant or employee because of race, religion, sex, national origin, ethnicity, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, pregnancy, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state, or local law.  We will make reasonable accommodations for pregnant or disabled applicants.  Please advise us in writing of any special needs when you apply.