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Building Sustainable Communities through Quality Education & Emp

Humanity for Sustainable Development is seeking a passionate and motivated volunteer to join our Board of Directors, with a range of skills and/or experience to complement our  Board.

Humanity for Sustainable Developments  Board Members empathize with the organization’s vision and mission, are unpaid, and act as advisors to the organization’s operations in their specific areas of expertise. As the organization is small, they also use their professional expertise to support and contribute to the work of the organization. They are committed to the success of Humanity for Sustainable Development.

Humanity for Sustainable Development Board Members come from the non-profit and private sectors and have a range of specialist expertise including project and programme management, non-profit management, finance, fundraising, marketing and monitoring & evaluation. It is important to highlight that each board member seat is occupied by a professional, not an organization.

Who we are:

Humanity for Sustainable Development is a community based organization established to offer quality educational support for underprivileged communities in rural Kenya.We believe in a “pass it on” philosophy where quality education is free and available for all regardless of your age, tribe, religion and social status.We focus on providing quality education to children in early years education(ECDE), primary, secondary, street children,tertiary/technical and community or informal education by providing avenues for education facilities,materials and learning resources. We believe that Quality education is key to social mobility and can thus help reduce poverty and [income& gender] inequality thus offering equal access to available opportunities

Our organization relies on its working board to guide organizational strategy, fundraising, marketing, product development and fiscal responsibility. Humanity for Sustainable Development directors come from the NGO and private sectors and have a range of specialist expertise including project and programme management, NGO administration, governance and law, professional training and skill building, finance, fundraising, communications and marketing and monitoring & evaluation.

Who we are looking for:

Board members are key to the success of our mission. A Board is only as strong as its collective members and we are looking to be diverse in age, experience, skills, gender, ethnicity, and perspectives.

We are especially interested in candidates with expertise in the following areas:

· Project/program management in the development and humanitarian sectors.

· Marketing, communications, social media.

· Professional training and skill building.


· Administration and finances of non-profits.

Qualifications and Experiences Needed:

· Solid understanding ofHumanity for Sustainable Development mission and role in the non-profit ecosystem.

· Demonstrated professional, executive or leadership experience and accomplishments in business, government, philanthropy, or the non-profit sector.

· Demonstrated knowledge and experience in one or more key functional areas: project/program management in the development and humanitarian sectors;Fundrasing, marketing, communications, social media; professional training and skill building; and/or administration and finances of non-profits.

· Strong creative, strategic, analytical, organizational, and personal skills.

· Savvy diplomatic skills and a natural affinity for cultivating relationships and persuading, convening, facilitating, and building consensus among diverse individuals.

· Ability to listen and be open to others’ perspectives, ask pertinent questions to help foster mutual understanding, to synthesize and build consensus.

· Personal qualities of integrity, credibility, and a passion for improving the professionalism and capacity of Humanity for Sustainable Development beneficiaries and partners.

· Ability to understand risks, opportunities, and external and internal issues that may affectHumanity for Sustainable Development.

· Fluent or excellent communication in English.

· Board of Directors experience is a plus.

Key Responsibilities:

Humanity for Sustainable Development Board Members are responsible for the governance of the organization in line with relevant legal and regulatory guidelines, responsible stewardship of its resources and for the overall strategic direction of the organization.

· Provide strategic leadership for the organization by setting the organization’s strategic direction and defining the organization’s aims and objectives.

· Promote and develop the organization in order for it to grow and maintain its relevance to the sector.

· Actively contribute professional expertise to support the work of the organization and the achieving of its goals.

· Ensure the organization’s financial stability through sound administration of the organization’s resources in lien with organizational objectives and by supporting fundraising activities.

· Delegate management authority to and monitor the work of the Executive Director and core team

· Ensure the charity complies with legislative and regulatory requirements.

· Act in the best interest of the charity, beneficiaries and future beneficiaries at all times and safeguard its reputation.

· Maintain confidentiality about any sensitive/ confidential information received in the course of member’s responsibilities of the charity.

· Participate in board meetings (typically online, 6 per year).

· Participate in one board committee, based on your expertise, and needs of the organization.

· Cultivate relationships with our corporate and community partners

· Review strategy and contribute to annual operating plans through constructive inputs.

· Contribute to the development of policies to guide the organization towards its strategic goals.

· Be an ambassador of the organization in the wider community.

Time Commitment:

· The time commitment is approximately 4 hours per month

o Possible additional time commitment to support committees, according to the Board Member availability.

· Board Members are expected to serve, at least, one 3-year term.

· The Board meets 6 times per year, on the second Wednesday of each month

· Each Board Member should be available to serve on at least one committee

· All support and activities are done remotely.

· Eventually H4SD might host a face-to-face Annual Board Meeting.

How to apply
If you would like to support our organization and the work we do, please submit your resume and cover letter by July 17, 2021, by email to [email protected]

Reference: Board of Directors – 2021-2024