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Introduction to the Consultancy

WomenStrong International is a private operating foundation. Since its inception, the work has been financed by one major donor, an arrangement that is not ideal or sustainable long-term.

Therefore, in order to fulfil the mandate of our organization, effectively implement our 2022 – 2025 Strategic Plan, and secure our longterm sustainability, WomenStrong is seeking the services of a qualified consultant or consultants to develop a comprehensive funding strategy that will support WomenStrong in our efforts to further diversify our resource base. The strategy should explore the current challenges in WomenStrong’s model and structure that might create obstacles to successful fundraising, identify new funding modalities, and outline a strategic approach to leveraging new traditional and non-traditional partnerships.

Specifically, this strategy should:

  • Provide a comprehensive analysis of the current donor climate, particularly in relation to the international development and women’s and girls’ spaces.
  • Provide an analysis of how other peer organizations (particularly other private foundations) are positioning themselves to stand out from their competitors, overcome the perception of being a “passthrough” or regranting organization, and capitalize on fundraising opportunities.
  • Identify any challenges to successful fundraising posed by WomenStrong’s current funding model, staffing structure, identity, visibility, and program approach.
  • Identify the potential audiences, new and non-traditional funding sources, and other opportunities that WomenStrong should capitalize on, so as to diversify our funding base and secure financing and financial stability for our short-, medium-, and longterm future.
  • Suggest changes and/or expansion to the structure and human resources of WomenStrong in ways that will optimize our chances of becoming a successful fundraising organization.
  • Formulate a strategy and timeline for WomenStrong’s founder to help gradually decrease her responsibility to fund WomenStrong and indicate how her funding can be replaced by alternative sources.

Expected Skills and Experience:

  • Proven experience and success in developing business models and mobilizing funds for civil society and international non-governmental organizations of a similar size and with similar fundraising needs.
  • Excellent knowledge of the current philanthropic environment and donor community focused on women and girls and key development challenges: girls’ education, violence against women and girls, women’s health, and economic security and opportunity for women and girls.
  • Demonstrated experience in conducting surveys, audits, stakeholder interviews, and desk analyses.
  • Experience in funding planning, development of resource mobilization strategies, and the implementation of such strategies.
  • Experience in working with senior management of organizations to develop plans around Board expansion.
  • Experience working with founders and philanthropists in order to sensitively develop strategies around funding diversification.
  • Proven understanding of emerging and non-traditional funding opportunities in the contexts of both women and girls and of international development.
  • Excellent analytical and writing skills.
  • Strong ability to work with tight deadlines.

Actions and Deliverables

The objective of the consultancy is to develop a funding strategy with a clear overview of potential funding opportunities for WomenStrong to increase the longterm sustainability of the organization. A suggested list of actions and deliverables follows; the final list will be based on the recommendations made by the successful applicant(s).


  1. Lead an audit of WomenStrong’s staff and Board structure, model and identity, networks, fundraising collateral, approach to grantmaking, and position within the sector, to identify the challenges the organization has with regards to fundraising.
  2. Assess WomenStrong’s programs and deliverables, to identify funding opportunities.
  3. Work with WomenStrong’s senior management and communications teams to fill any gaps in WomenStrong’s fundraising and/or visibility materials (print, digital, and website content).
  4. Lead on a comprehensive donor scoping exercise that explores potential opportunities for funding from individual, institutional, and non-traditional sources.
  5. Participate in WomenStrong’s Strategic Planning process (currently slated to begin in March or April of 2022).


  1. A comprehensive fundraising and donor engagement strategy for WomenStrong for the coming five years. This strategy should contain:
    • An Action Plan that identifies WomenStrong’s current challenges to effective fundraising and proposes approaches to overcoming these challenges.
    • A list of prospective funders, together with an Action Plan that explores opportunities for partnership with specific donors (traditional, non-traditional, and emerging) and potential entry points to, and methods of engagement with those donors.
  2. Digital, print, and online materials, co-designed with WomenStrong, that can be used for fundraising pitches and meetings with potential donors and Board members.


We anticipate that this process will begin in February 2022. The duration of the consultancy should be based on the contents of this Scope of Work and proposed by the consultant, in the expression of interest. The exact start and end dates of the consultancy, and deadlines for deliverables, will be discussed and agreed with the selected consultant(s) after the review of the proposed methodology.

Application procedure:

WomenStrong seeks expressions of interest from consultants with the skills, experience, and time to support the work as outlined in this Scope of Work.

The expression of interest should contain:

  1. A project proposal (not exceeding five pages) that demonstrates a clear understanding of the work to be performed. The plan should include:
    • A brief explanation of why you are interested in conducting this work;
    • An outline of the methodological approach you would take in completing this Scope of Work;
    • An estimated project timeline, including proposed duration, major tasks, and milestones. This timeline will be discussed and finalized in cooperation with WomenStrong.
  2. CV(s) of the consultant(s) who will be implementing the project, highlighting relevant experience. We will be looking for applicants who have a clear and proven record of accomplishment in developing fundraising strategies for mission-driven organizations of similar size.
  3. Detailed budget/expected renumeration (in USD).
  4. Name and contact details of two people who can provide references for your work and success with similar consultancies.


All applications should be sent via email to [email protected] and received no later than February 1, 2022.

Only shortlisted candidates (or teams) will be contacted.