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NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon Foundation (501c3) is seeking individuals to join our Board of Directors in 2020! Potential new Board members (“candidates”) will submit their application by the deadline indicated below and may progress through our process depending on skill-set and qualifications required for the functions of each Board. The application process potentially includes an interview with NARAL staff and Board members. Board members are eligible to serve two consecutive three-year terms. New Board Members will be offered a new Board member orientation. Board membership is voluntary, and serving on the Board of Directors is not paid work.


Since 2016, NPCO(F) has been taking concrete steps to improve Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at the organization. We are committed to promoting the reproductive justice framework, ensuring racial equity in our organizational policies and practices and increasing diversity on our board and staff. Through our programming and advocacy, our C3, C4, and PAC organizations strive to build a world that promotes reproductive justice for all Oregonians. In regard to our board recruitment, we are particularly interested in inviting the leadership of people of color, men and transgender individuals, people who identify as LGBTQIA+, immigrants/refugees, and people with disabilities. It is vital to us that our Boards reflect the skills/abilities/knowledge needs of our organization, as well as the rich diversity of our community.

Who We Are

NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon is the leading grassroots pro-choice advocacy organization in Oregon and is a state affiliate of NARAL Pro-Choice America.  Knowing that Oregon needs a strong political force advocating for women and all people who can become pregnant, we have identified goals and strategies that we see as critical to our organizations’ – and our movement’s – success. Our 2018 strategic plan, developed over months of engagement by our Board of Directors and staff with input from over 75 members and key organizational allies, will guide us through the growth needed to effectively meet the challenges and embrace the opportunities that lie ahead. We have two entities which help us achieve our goals, and each has a Board of Directors:

NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon develops and sustains a constituency that uses the political process to guarantee every person who can become pregnant the right to make personal decisions regarding the full range of reproductive choices, including preventing unintended pregnancy, bearing healthy children, and choosing legal abortion.

NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon Foundation supports and protects, as a fundamental right and value, a person’s freedom to make individual decisions regarding the full range of reproductive choices – including preventing unintended pregnancy, bearing healthy children, and choosing legal abortion – through education, training, organizing, and research. We champion public policy that addresses disparities in reproductive health care and promotes health equity for all people.

Ideal Candidates in 2020

Every board of directors seeks members who will uphold its organization’s mission and values, and will work to govern and direct the organization in a way that provides excellent stewardship and success of its goals. Given the distinct mission and efforts of NARAL Pro Choice Oregon and NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon Foundation, we believe our ideal Boards are comprised of individuals who provide a balance of the following skills and/or experiences:


NPCO Foundation Board

  • Broad range of community connections, specifically in reproductive health and other areas of social justice 

  • Health care providers and educators (including RNs, APPs, and MDs), specifically those providing comprehensive reproductive/sexual health and abortion care and education

  • Researchers with areas of interest that overlap with our work

  • Public health experts

  • Representatives of our coalitions and areas of interest


NPCO Board

  • Political experience: campaign work (candidate/ballot measure), staff/elected work experience, policy work experience

  • Connections to political networks

  • Non-conflicting professional obligations

  • Experience with NARAL coalition partners

  • Potential interest in serving on the NARAL PAC 


Both Boards

  • Diversity in life experience

    • Racial/Ethnic

    • Age

    • Sex/Gender

    • Geographic

    • Economic

  • Professional skill sets in areas of organizational need:

    • Management/Leadership skills and experience

    • Financial/accounting experience,

    • Legal expertise,

    • HR knowledge/training

    • DEI strategy and organizational transformation

  • Experience in and passion for fundraising, including grantmaking experience

  • Ability and willingness to fundraise

  • Experience in areas of NARAL strategic interest, such as School Boards


In 2020, given our current Board profile, we are specifically seeking individuals whose lived experience and skill sets will supplement and complement the existing Board composition. For these reasons, we are prioritizing candidates who can and will provide our Board(s) with:

  • Greater diversity as it pertains to race/ethnicity, age, sex/gender, geographic and socioeconomic experience

  • Experience in and passion for fundraising, including grantmaking expertise

  • Legal expertise

  • DEI strategy and transformation experience


All applications will be considered. Some candidates who are not accepted in this round of recruitment may be invited to join our Political Action Committee (PAC) Board or Development Committee, or may be considered in future cycles. It is vital to us that our Boards reflect the skills/abilities/knowledge needs of our organization, as well as the rich diversity of our community.


Responsibilities of the Board:
The Boards’ purpose is to guide the organization’s development, strategic direction, and mission. The Boards work to oversee and direct NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon’s and NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon Foundation’s affairs in accordance with its mission, operating procedures, and standards of fiscal responsibility. Responsibilities include,

  • Affirming the mission, core beliefs and values of NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon and NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon Foundation

  • Ensuring implementation and achievement of the organizations’ strategic plan

  • Protecting and growing the