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The DC Abortion Fund (DCAF) is a local abortion fund founded in 1995 that serves over 5,000 people annually who live or are seeking abortion care in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Since inception, our organization has grown tremendously, mostly notably in the size and function of our case management program, which is comprised of over 50 volunteers who rotate responsibility of four lines and coordinate care and funds to callers seeking abortions.

DCAF is in a period of significant transformation associated with bringing on our first paid staff members and building a collaborative vision for future abortion funding with other regional funds; through this, we are constantly striving towards reproductive justice values and centering our callers and the communities most impacted by abortion care restrictions – Black, Indigenous, and brown folks, and people with low or no incomes.


DCAF seeks two (2) Caller Service and Engagement Co-Directors who will be among DCAF’s first full-time staff members. These leaders will both oversee core operations of DCAF’s services to callers seeking abortions and, in partnership with other DCAF staff, board members, and volunteers, lead the transformation of DCAF’s vision and alignment with our aspirational reproductive justice values. The Co-Directors will develop, implement, and monitor the full caller lifecycle and cultivate reflective processes and measures that center the communities DCAF serves.

Core Responsibilities

1 – Caller Service Operations (~50% FTE)

  • Manage a caseload of callers and provide compassionate and trauma-informed support through intake, case management, and follow-up. Initial caseload is anticipated to be several hours a day with potential to change based on the Co-Directors’ determined strategy.
  • Lead DCAF’s case management program, including oversight and management of DCAF’s volunteer case managers.
  • Develop and provide ongoing training and technical support for referral, collaboration, and practical support education for helpline case managers.
  • Develop and maintain accurate clinic contacts, funding information, and resource listings.
  • Build relationships with clinics and serve as liaison with clinics to coordinate care to callers.
  • Plan and lead implementation of any changes to the case management structure and design.

2 – Caller Service Strategy (~25% FTE)

  • Design a caller engagement strategy that may include creating avenues for collecting caller feedback, determining the resources necessary to implement this strategy, and building a roadmap for implementation.
  • Implement and refine systems, policies, and procedures that ensure a positive caller experience and focus on DCAF’s aspirational values.
  • Monitor helpline volume; maintain clear, organized, and intentional data collection processes and use data to strategically inform DCAF service delivery priorities.
  • Assess callers’ practical support needs such as transportation, lodging, childcare, etc., and develop recommendations for how DCAF should engage in practical support in the future.
  • Develop and manage a caller survey to assess caller experience and to provide feedback and learnings for the team to improve practices.

3 – Organizational Leadership, Special Projects, and Initiatives (~25% FTE)

  • Along with other staff members, represent DCAF in national and regional membership groups and programs, including the ongoing Operation Scale Up Program, managed by the National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF), in which DCAF is a pilot fund.
  • Plays an equal co-leadership role with other staff to develop a governance and decision-making model among staff and with the board.
  • Be responsible for strategic decisions regarding organizational-level issues that fall under this role’s core responsibilities (i.e., caller engagement). This process includes:
    • In partnership with the co-director and board of directors, develop a process for reporting to and working with the board. As this is the first time DCAF is bringing on paid staff, all parties will work together to develop and test processes that ensure staff have authority to make organizational decisions but are able to draw on the board for support, expertise, and guidance.
    • Report obstacles and progress to DCAF board, providing brief updates at monthly board meetings and ad-hoc written questions as needed.
    • Update professional knowledge by participating in educational opportunities, maintaining networks, and participating in professional organizations as relevant to your role.
    • Perform duties required of all staff to support smooth internal operations, such as submitting timely expense reports, reimbursement requests, and timesheets.
    • Prepare and present reports and analysis to Board of Directors, and funders, when necessary.
    • Other activities to support the operations and strategy of DCAF caller services and programs.
  • Coordinate with finance, development, legal, and other operations staff as part of day-to-day management of DCAF. These positions will likely be filled by the board in the first few months of the Co-Director’s tenure, then transition to paid staff as others are onboarded.


Our ideal candidates will have a strong commitment to abortion access and full reproductive healthcare for all, as well as personal and professional alignment with reproductive justice values.

Due to the nature and context of our work, we deeply value candidates that either bring lived personal or professional experiences that align with the experiences of our callers, our community, our movement, and/or intersectional ecosystems (gender, economic, racial justice, etc.). This type of experience may come from direct exposure to the abortion funding or reproductive justice community or experience working with adjacent healthcare or social services sectors where candidates may be looking to transfer their skills.

We are also seeking candidates that have a commitment to building an inclusive environment that prioritizes the wellbeing of all involved with our fund, and those committed to racial justice and working with diverse individuals.

While no candidate will embody all the qualifications listed below, the ideal candidates will also possess many of the following abilities, attributes, and experiences:

  • 2+ years of experience leading a team, organization, or group through transformation or change.
  • Excellent organization, time management, and detail orientation.
  • Demonstrated experience in long- and short-range program or project management.
  • Proven experience with successful collaboration, particularly as part of a dynamic and integrated team.
  • Flexible approach to work and ability to effectively manage ambiguity in a dynamic work environment.
  • Self-motivated, resourceful, creative, and able to work with a significant amount of autonomy.
  • Open to giving and receiving feedback and committed to practicing this regularly.
  • Strong project management skills, including coordinating multiple projects and comfort to saying “no” in order to prioritize their well-being and focus on efforts they think need the most attention.
  • Basic computer skills, including reliable access to the internet and open to learning new technologies and software as needed.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Word, and Google Suite.
  • Commitment to an intersectional framework that includes, but is not limited to, gender, economic, and racial justice.
  • Lives in DC metro community and has the ability to attend in-person training and programming in DC (in situations that feel safe for staff member and other attendees).

What We’re Not Looking For

  • A College degree is not required for this position.


The salary for the Caller Services and Engagement Co-Director is $90,000. We are in the process of developing a comprehensive benefits package that will be available for all full-time staff members. In the meantime, DCAF is committed to the wellbeing of our future employees and will provide a monthly stipend to cover employees’ healthcare, dental, and vision benefits until the employer plan is available. COVID-19 Policy: Work will be entirely remote for the time being; after it is safe to work in person again, there will be flexibility for remote work, though it is expected that this person lives in the DC metro area.


For more information about DC Abortion Fund, please visit:

Candidates may submit their cover letter and resume via NPAG’s website. We encourage candidates to share about how they think their lived experiences and perspectives would make them a great fit for one of the Co-Director roles in their cover letter.

DC Abortion Fund is an equal opportunity employer and encourages individuals of all ethnic, racial, and socioeconomic backgrounds to apply for this position. We are committed to maximizing the diversity of our organization to reflect the rich and varied identities of the communities and people that we serve.