Electrical Engineer and Utility Designer III

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Make a difference in the community you live in! As a Community Builder—an employee with the City of Gainesville— you will have a direct hand in building and improving your community and making a visible impact on the lives of your neighbors. Working for local government is more than a job, it’s a chance to contribute to community success and to help enhance the Gainesville way of life.

Job Description:


Utility specific industry and organization-recognized, independent professional performing advanced technical engineering work requiring knowledge and application of the latest advancements in the field.


Positions allocated to this classification report to a designated supervisor and work under general supervision.  Work in this class is distinguished from higher classes by its lack of managerial responsibility and from lower classes by its emphasis on the application of intensive and diversified knowledge and advanced engineering skills and coordination of engineering staff to complex and novel projects.

Provides technical guidance on unusual, non-typical, complex problems and projects requiring a high degree of creativity, foresight, mature judgment in anticipating and solving unprecedented engineering problems.

Note: It should be understood that the job competencies, duties and requirements of the Engineer IV / Utility Designer IV are inherently included in this position.


Depending on area of assignment:

Prepares or coordinates the preparation, review, and approval of engineering analyses, specifications, and reports for complex projects.

Plans, organizes, and supervises the work of engineer(s), utility designer(s), engineering technician(s) and/or consultants.  Evaluates progress and performance of the staff and results obtained, and recommends major changes to achieve overall objectives.  May involve performance management responsibilities.

Initiates and maintains extensive contacts with key engineers and officials of other organizations, requiring skill in persuasion and negotiation of critical issues.  Requires guidance by management in addressing customer requirements.

The individual contributor may serve as a resource or guide by advising others on how to use processes within a system or as a member of a collaborative problem-solving team.

Represents the organization in conferences to resolve important questions and to plan and coordinate work.

Develops and modifies engineering theories, precepts, practices, and procedures. Formulates operating policies.

Keeps abreast of new scientific methods and developments affecting the organization for the purpose of recommending changes in emphasis of programs or new programs warranted by such developments.

Develops and evaluates plans and criteria for a variety of projects and activities to be carried out by others.

Serves as the technical expert for the organization in the application of advanced theories, concepts, principles, and processes.  Devises and develops new approaches to problems encountered.

Carries out complex or novel assignments requiring the development of new or improved techniques and procedures or carries out projects that involve a number of engineering disciplines.  Work typically results in the development of new or refined equipment, materials, processes, products, and/or scientific methods.

Serves as the technical specialist for the organization in the application of advanced theories, concepts, principles, and processes for an assigned area of responsibility (i.e., subject matter, function, type of facility or equipment, or product).

Applies knowledge of engineering economic analysis to projects or systems; compares alternatives using appropriate economic analysis.  Reviews and approves the economic analysis and engineering recommendations prepared by others and interprets results to support policy, ratemaking or budgeting.

Provides guidance, assistance, and interpretation to others.  Guidance relating largely to overall objectives, critical issues, new concepts, and policy matters.

Designs and evaluates engineering projects and activities with internal departments, outside consultants, and contractors on complex projects.

Interprets, organizes, executes, and coordinates assignments.

Initiates and maintains extensive contacts with key engineers and officials of other organizations, uses skill in persuasion and negotiation of critical issues, including the initiation and maintenance of extensive contacts with these parties.

Develops and makes technical presentations.

Develops, implements, and maintains an annual work plan and annual budget.

Attends work on continuous and regular basis.


Bachelor of science in engineering degree from an ABET accredited educational institution and eight (8) or more years of experience in the area of assigned engineering responsibility.  Appropriate co-op time and/or an advanced degree in engineering, business or other relevant courses of study may substitute for up to one year of experience.


Valid State of Florida Professional Engineer license may be required.

Must meet the FBPE requirements as defined in Chapter 471 of the Florida Statute and obtain and maintain “Professional Engineer” Licensing as required by Water/Wastewater Engineering, Public Works, Energy Delivery and Principal Engineers assigned to the water/wastewater, and special projects areas of Strategic Planning.

Valid Florida Driver License required.

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