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Job Description:


Skilled technical work of a complex and diverse nature providing design, planning, scheduling, documenting, as well as supply and material procurement for expansion and maintenance of GRUCom network infrastructure.  The work requires detailed knowledge related to the principles, practices, techniques and methods in the capital, maintenance and operation of fiber plant infrastructure and network design equipment and associated items.

Positions allocated to this classification report to the area engineering manager and work under general supervision.  Work in this class is distinguished from other classes by its advanced technical skills, problem solving, and judgment skills, and broad knowledge base in the area of fiber infrastructure design and network design.


This section of the job description the omission of a specific job function does not absolve an employee from being required to perform additional tasks incidental to or inherent in the job.  Performance of lower-level duties may be required.


Analyzes existing fiber plant network and planning for expansion and mitigation of existing capacity issues.

Prepares fiber build documentation for GRUCom Construction including maps, fiber assignment documentation, permits, and third-party attachment permits.

Initiates updates to fiber plant work packages and drawings based upon changes made during the construction phase of plant expansion or repair.

Estimates cost and material needed for fiber plant expansion.

Works with purchasing division/warehouse personnel to order and manage purchase orders, expedited purchase orders, emergency purchase orders, and contracts; follows up with vendors on materials requested, but not received; and coordinates the return or stocking of leftover non-stock parts and equipment.

Initiates, prepares, and processes documents to generate purchase requisitions for non-stock material purchases; provides input and recommendations for source justification, proprietary, standard, and original equipment manufacturer purchases; and researches stock items to provide adequate manufacturers part information in inventory management system.

Monitors stocked material items to make sure they are available when needed.  This involves working with GRU Stores to determine appropriate stock and reorder parameters.  Also included is a working knowledge of stocked and non-stocked material so the correct items can be reserved in design packages and for planned and unplanned outages.

Regularly evaluates new and existing material and supplies by meeting with vendors and scheduling product reviews and demonstrations.

Reviews plans for GRU New Services initiated reviews.  Identifies potential conflicts, works with developers to mitigate those conflicts, and identifies opportunities for GRUCom fiber plant expansion.  Works with plan submittal personnel to design paths for GRUCom expansion and ensure they are added to the plans.

Reviews plans for FDOT roadway projects.  Identify potential conflicts and initiate a design and plan to mitigate the conflict.  Work with FDOT personnel to install, remove, or relocated GRUCom fiber plant in the project area.

Reviews plans from agencies outside the normal GRU service territory (Alachua County, other municipalities, University of Florida, other utilities).  Identify potential conflicts and/or opportunities for GRUCom plant expansion.  Work with agencies to mitigate conflicts or install, remove, or relocate GRUCom fiber plant within the plan boundary.

Manages projects to expand fiber plant capacity and repair damaged fiber plant.

Provides documentation for GRUCom fiber infrastructure plant.  This includes items such as, but not limited to: fiber cable, terminations, splices, jumpers, cabinets, fiber distribution panels, slack loops, snowshoes, attachments, and colocation facilities

Maintains accurate Geographic Information System (GIS) records for all fiber infrastructure plant.

Interfaces with operations personnel to schedule fiber outages and coordinate restoration of services.

Provides fiber plant outage documentation to applicable GRUCom operational personnel.

Provides advice and assistance to other departmental personnel on technical and administrative problems related to the design and maintenance of fiber plant.

Maintains a professional attitude and customer-oriented approach to effectively communicate information with various personnel, including engineers, network managers, construction personnel, and other maintenance and operations personnel.

Attends work on a continuous and regular basis.


Graduation from high school or possession of an acceptable equivalency diploma with additional engineering/technical coursework completed, and four (4) years in utility fiber infrastructure design, utility plan review, fiber plant construction methods and practices, and fiber cable network design; or an equivalent combination of education, training, and experience which provides the required knowledge, skills and abilities.



Valid State of Florida driver license.



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