Transit Operator Trainee – EARN YOUR CDL!

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Job Description:

This position will have a starting rate of $15.91/hr.

Once you complete training your wage will increase to $16.97/hr. (estimated to be 6-8 weeks)


This is entry level work learning the skills necessary for operating revenue service vehicles in a safe, courteous and timely manner with the goal of satisfied and loyal customers of the public transit system.
Positions in this classification report to a designated supervisor and work under direct supervision.  Work in this class is distinguished from other classes by its emphasis on learning Transit Operator skills.


This section of the job description is not intended to be a comprehensive list of duties and responsibilities of the position.  The omission of a specific job function does not absolve an employee from being required to perform additional tasks incidental to or inherent in the job.  Performance of lower-level duties may be required.


Learns how to become proficient in the performance of the following duties:
Safely operates all models of agency revenue service vehicles through traffic along assigned routes under various environmental conditions in accordance with published schedules, traffic laws and departmental regulations.
Manages farebox transactions, and records passenger data by fare type.
Collects fares from passengers and issues transfers; checks passenger transfers, passes, and identification cards to ensure they are valid.  Passes may be both physical printed medium or digital.
Acts as first-line customer service representative by cultivating and maintaining positive customer relations with the riders.  Ensures a clean, safe rider environment, provides accurate and timely information regarding routes, and assists and accommodates riders with boarding and discharging the vehicle in a safe and efficient manner.
Performs pre- and post-operation vehicle inspection.  Records any physical deficiencies on required documents.
Contacts Control Center regarding various emergencies, such as, medical emergencies, vehicle malfunctions, vehicle evacuations, vehicle accidents, etc.; as well as, other circumstances that may affect service, such as, heavy traffic, road hazards, road obstructions, etc..
Completes accident, incident, and/or other miscellaneous reports to document unusual occurrences.
Operates the disability access lifts and ramps for wheelchairs or upon request by any passenger.  Assists wheelchair patrons on and off vehicles upon request.  Secures all onboard wheelchairs or other mobility devices in accordance with department policy.
Complies with all applicable Federal, State and local safety regulations and with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines to include stop announcements for all visually impaired.
Operates communications equipment in accordance with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and department rules and regulations.
Wears and maintains prescribed uniform and maintains a clean, well-groomed appearance at all times.
Will be required to respond under emergency conditions.
Attends work on a continuous and regular basis.


Three (3) verifiable, consecutive years of driving experience, or an equivalent combination of training and experience, which provide the required knowledge, skills, and abilities.
Pre-employment medical examination required, including satisfactory drug screening.



Valid State of Florida Driver License.  Driving record shall reflect a three (3) year period with a maximum of four (4) points and no more than one (1) moving violation, including DUI, DWI, reckless driving, or license currently suspended or revoked.
Valid State of Florida Commercial Driver License (CDL) Class A or B with passenger endorsement preferred.
Once hired, employee must obtain a Commercial Driver License (CDL) class “A” or “B” with passenger endorsement in a period not to exceed three (3) weeks after training starts.



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