Tree Surgeon I

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Job Description:

This is manual work caring for and maintaining trees by trimming them.


The positions allocated to this classification report to a designated supervisor and work under close supervision. Work in this class is distinguished from higher classes by its less comprehensive knowledge of tree care and from lower classes by its emphasis on tree trimming and maintenance.


Climbs trees, removes dead, broken, misshapen, and undesired branches using hand and power chain saws, hydraulic circular saws, wedges, mallets, axes, and other tools.

May lower portions removed to the ground with ropes. Removes over-hanging branches and split or broken limbs.

Performs trimming and pruning operations from a bucket truck.

Trims and prunes trees following pruning standards of the National Arborist Association. Assists in removal of hazardous trees.

Trims and digs out protruding tree roots. Assists in felling trees and cutting up felled trees. Operates a wood chipper in the disposal of tree limbs and branches. Operates a stump grinder.

Must respond to after-hours emergency call-outs.

May perform field work under and/or near electrical service and high voltage lines.

May be required to operate a two-way radio.

Attends work on a continuous and regular basis.


Graduation from high school or possession of an acceptable equivalency diploma and six months experience in tree trimming and care.


A CDL instructional permit may be required at the time of appointment and a CDL license may be required within six months of date of appointment (depending on job assignment and work location).


A CDL License may be required at the time of appointment (depending on job assignment and work location).

**Information on whether or not a CDL license (and which class: A, B, or C) is required,  will be provided by the hiring department based on the specific vehicle(s) which may be required to be driven in the particular job assignment.

Note: CDL-classified vehicles which are not driven on public roadways do not require a CDL license.

An herbicide/pesticide permit may be required within six (6) months of appointment, depending on job assignment.

Work requires performance of tasks outdoors under varying climatic conditions.

Work requires exposure to hazardous conditions and noxious chemicals.

Work may require exposure to prolonged high noise levels.

Work may require climbing in high places.

Work requires climbing in high places and exposure to utility service wires and phone and TV cables.