Water/Wastewater Apprentice

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Make a difference in the community you live in! As a Community Builder—an employee with the City of Gainesville— you will have a direct hand in building and improving your community and making a visible impact on the lives of your neighbors. Working for local government is more than a job, it’s a chance to contribute to community success and to help enhance the Gainesville way of life.


**‘Dig Test’ is required which involves a manual field test to dig a 3’x3’x3’ hole using a shovel and filling it back in within 1-hour.**


Job Description:


This is entry level, manual labor in the water /wastewater systems.

Positions allocated to this classification report to a designated supervisor and work under direct supervision. Work in this class is distinguished from higher classes by its lack of technical skills and from lower classes by its emphasis on learning water or wastewater operations and maintenance.


This section of the job description is not intended to be a comprehensive list of duties and responsibilities of the position.  The omission of a specific job function does not absolve an employee from being required to perform additional tasks incidental to or inherent in the job.  Performance of lower-level duties may be required.


Performs heavy manual labor on water and wastewater systems. Assists in the installation of valves, piping and other water and wastewater equipment as needed.

Uses hand tool, pneumatic tools, and other manual water and wastewater equipment. Assists in the installation, repair, and maintenance of water and wastewater equipment as needed.

Performs manual labor for work site cleanup and shop organization in assigned area.

Erects barricades, traffic control devices and various safety apparatus on work.

Cleans, maintains, and stores tools on trucks and trailers.

Assists in cutting, forming, and pouring concrete associated with water and wastewater construction work.

Under direct supervision of an Entry Supervisor, enters water and wastewater structures determined to be safe, including but not limited to manholes, meter pits, and vaults, to perform tasks such as removal of debris and other foreign matter.

Performs basic physical tasks such as painting, cleaning, and other duties as assigned.

Performs limited operation of heavy construction equipment under direct supervision

Will be required to respond under emergency conditions, including after hours.

Attends work on a continuous and regular basis.


Graduation from high school or possession of an acceptable equivalency diploma.

Six (6) months experience performing manual farm, construction, pipefitting, or utility related work, or an equivalent combination of training and experience is preferred.

Successful completion of GRU’s Utility Academy may be substituted for experience.

Must complete all GRU Progression-Through-Training Program (PTTP) requirements for the apprentice position within twelve (12) months of date of employment.



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