Job Posting Guidelines

All jobs go through an approval process following submission. If you feel a job violates our guidelines or should otherwise be removed, please contact us.

Posting to the Board

  • Jobs posted must be feminist in nature or in philosophy.
  • Posts will be live for up to 30 days. To remove a listing or change the status to “filled,” simply log in to your account.
  • All submissions are subject to editing, but posts which require extensive editing in order to satisfy the recommendations and restrictions laid out below will be dismissed. To make edits to an existing post, please log in and go to the job management page.
  • The Feminist Majority Foundation reserves the right to reject any job listing.
  • Submissions will be approved within two business days. If you would like to inquire about the status of a post, please contact us via email using this form.

Recommendations and Restrictions for Your Post

  • Job postings should be clear, concise, and simple; they should also be thorough. Please do not use a job posting to simply refer to another job site, and please do not make posts excessive in length.
  • Jobs that are incorrectly categorized or labeled may not be posted. Please take care to indicate the correct region, category, and type when posting. Instructions are below.
  • Job posting titles may not utilize ALL-CAPS, include an outside Job ID, or reference location or security clearance information. Job postings which do not follow this guideline will be dismissed. Please indicate that information within the post as opposed to in the title. Please Use Title Case for your title.
  • Job postings which have clear formatting errors will not be posted. Please utilize the preview and edit functions to ensure your lists are properly formatted and no unique characters have failed to display. Jobs which require extensive editing or formatting will be dismissed.
  • Job postings may not include discriminatory requirements on the basis of age, sex, gender identity or presentation, sexuality, race, ethnicity, country of origin, or ability. No job post should include physical requirements unless the industry is exempt from EEO standards.
  • Job postings may not contain graphics or images unless necessary. Extraneous images will be removed.
  • Job postings must include both a regional selection and a specific office location (City and State or City and Country). You may list multiple locations but can only select one region. Please only leave the location field blank if your job can be done via telecommunication.

Using the Feminist Jobs Submissions Interface

Job Region refers to the geographic region in which your employees must be located in order to perform the job once hired.

  • If you select “Nationwide,” you are indicating that you have jobs available across the United States or that the specific position can be done via telecommunication from any location in the United States. Please do not select “Nationwide” in order to solicit applicants from outside of your region.
  • “International” refers to jobs which are not located within the United States.
  • Alaska is “Northwest,” and Hawaii is “Southwest.”

Job Type indicates to users which kind of position you are hiring for. It’s important to accurately label this field in order to attract the most ideal applicant.

  • “Fellowship” and “Internship” refer to very specific types of jobs. If you are posting a job which is a Fellowship or Internship but also has a distinct title (“Research Assistant”), please file it as a Fellowship or Internship. Full-time, part-time, temporary, and voluntary internships and fellowships should be filed as Fellowships and Internships.
  • “Temporary” indicates a job which has a hard or soft end date specific to one employer (Interim Director of a museum), while “Freelance” refers to a Contractor-style employment scenario in which an employee is performing a specific service for a client (Website Consulting in which you are hiring an extraneous contractor to do the consultation). Both types of jobs trump the labels of “Part time” and “Full time” but include monetary compensation, whereas a short-term volunteer position does not.
  • Volunteer positions are unpaid. Unpaid internships and fellowships should not be categorized as volunteer positions, but other unpaid positions unilaterally should. Full-time and Part-time positions should be paid or salaried positions.

Job Category refers to the type of employment source posting to the board. This is the most straightforward: all jobs posted by organizations outside of the FMF family are “Jobs.” ONLY the FMF and its sister sites should be denoted as “Feminist Majority Foundation” in this category.

Application email/URL refers exclusively to an online application or the contact person for applications. This is not where you input your company website. This information will be used when applicants are applying, and should direct them to an application source or contact ONLY.

When writing in your Twitter username, please put an “@” symbol before it (@MajoritySpeaks, not MajoritySpeaks).