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Job Description:


This is multi-skilled mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control maintenance, operations and administrative work in a process plant, such as a power generating facility or central utility plant.

Depending on area of assignment, positions allocated to this classification report to a designated supervisor or manager and work as a self-directed team or under limited supervision.  Work in this class is distinguished from other classes by its, performance of advanced, multi-skilled technical and operational functions and the requirement to train and instruct personnel.


This section of the job description is not intended to be a comprehensive list of duties and responsibilities of the position.  The omission of a specific job function does not absolve an employee from being required to perform additional tasks incidental to or inherent in the job.  Performance of lower level duties may be required.


Depending on the area of assignment:

Works with all plant employees and represents the facility in a professional manner to employees from other departments, as well as to contractors, vendors, customers and the public.

Monitors, observes, and analyzes equipment and systems’ characteristics and generates written work requests and project requests based on observations.  Takes or directs actions required to anticipate, correct or change a condition, as needed.  Completes work requests based on observation or determining the need or as assigned and completes applicable paperwork.

Operates and performs preventative and predictive maintenance of and minor repairs to plant equipment and systems. This work includes, but not limited to, working on electrical equipment (AC and DC motors and circuits, switchgear circuit breakers, relays and motor protective devices, transformers, storage batteries, rectifiers, and motor-generator sets) instrumentation (pressure, temperature, positional, flow, etc) and mechanical equipment (pumps, valves, sootblowers, compressors, etc).

Examines, cleans and tests electrical and mechanical equipment in accordance with plant preventive maintenance schedule.

Maintains all regular and emergency electrical power, lighting, and control equipment to ensure proper working order.

Operates (starts up, shuts down, monitors and makes necessary adjustments for) plant main equipment and auxiliary systems.

Operates and troubleshoots problems with laboratory test equipment, plant HVAC controls, alarm and electrical control systems, and fiber optic cable.

Monitors, repairs and maintains process plant equipment and structures, including, but not limited to:  yard lighting systems, cooling towers, fuel handling and water process treatment equipment, combustion turbine electrical equipment and mechanical components, controls, generators, boilers, drive mechanisms and filtering equipment.

Keeps accurate and complete labor, material and equipment records and prepares required reports.

Analyzes and evaluates current and projected work activities based on urgency, cost, efficiency, productivity and established budgetary guidelines.

Assists in planning and establishing work schedules for planned and unplanned maintenance activities using a maintenance management program.

Complies with Material Safety Data Sheet information for all products.

Properly handles and stores parts inventory, hazardous and non-hazardous materials according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and uses basic skills to prevent fires and explosions.

Attends training courses to improve knowledge and understanding of all process plant systems and to obtain the ability to perform calculations on plant performance, heat transfer, combustion conditions, equipment efficiency and water quality.  Completes established training objectives required for level of craft area assignment.

Provides training and instruction to other team members and advises supervisor or manager of level of job knowledge, skills, and abilities of personnel in training

Adheres to and implements proper lockout/tagout of plant equipment and systems in accordance with established clearance procedures, policies and practices.

Plans work activities to prevent injury and property damage.

Responds in and to emergency situations.

Uses plant support industrial equipment such as forklifts, cranes, hoists, carrier deck, vacuum truck, etc.

Uses plant computer systems correctly in daily work including use of MS Office applications (Outlook, Word, Excel, etc) as well as PI system. (South Energy Center only)

Attends work on continuous and regular basis.


Depending on the area of assignment:

Graduation from high school or possession of an acceptable equivalently diploma; must have journey level knowledge and skill in at least one of the following disciplines:  plant operations, mechanical maintenance, electrical or instrumentation/control and apprentice level knowledge and skill in at least one of the remaining disciplines, either the journey level or apprentice level knowledge and skills must be in plant operations; and three (3) years of operational and maintenance experience at a central utility plant, oil refinery, chemical plant, fossil or nuclear power plant, fossil or nuclear ship propulsion, pulp or paper mill or other similar process plant.

Employees in this classification that are Production Technician Progression-Through-Training Program participants must meet the minimum requirements established in the Production Technician Progression-Through-Training Program.

Failure to progress to the maximum level of the Production Technician Progression-Through-Training Program within the timeframes established in the program will be grounds for termination of employment.

Note: a copy of the Progression-Through-Training-Program is available upon request



Valie Florida Driver license required.