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Position Title: Agricultural Development Consultant, Contract
Location: Fully Remote

Position Summary

We are looking for consultants with 5+ years’ experience working at the intersection of gender equality and agricultural development to join our consultant bench to provide technical assistance in gender integration into agricultural development global programs and research projects.

Qualified candidates will have subject matter expertise in gender and at least one of the following areas:

  • Crop and animal breeding
  • Seed systems
  • Animal health
  • Livestock raising and/or pastoralism
  • Agricultural value chains
  • Digital agricultural services, including financial and technical advisory services
  • Agricultural data systems
  • Climate change adaptation
  • Nutritious food systems
  • Small scale producers

In addition, they will have demonstrated research skills as well as data management, analysis, and visualization skills; have strong written communication skills in English; and be able to apply an analytical lens to develop concrete programmatic recommendations for strengthening gender integration in agricultural development programs. Familiarity with the Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture (WEAI) and Women’s Empowerment in Livestock (WELI) Indices as well as experience/working relationship with international agricultural research centers a plus. They will thrive in a remote team environment and have strong attention to detail, including management of deadlines.

Specific tasks will vary by project, however we anticipate the main activities could include:

  • Conducting research and literature reviews on the links between gender equality and specific agricultural development sector outcomes
  • Identifying entry points for gender integration in agriculture development program design
  • Advising on gender data collection methods, tools, and analysis, as well as measurement and evaluation frameworks
  • Strategic communication and presentation of information, including development of slide decks
  • Development of participatory training materials, including drafting of case studies and other activities

Required LOE and timeline will vary by project and availability of the consultant, but we anticipate having multiple consultant opportunities over the next twelve months. A majority, if not all, work is anticipated to be remote. Consultant rates will be commensurate with experience, normally ranging from $400-$900 USD/day.

If you have any questions about this position, please email [email protected].



The Why:

We exist to advance a world in which gender equality is seen, valued and experienced as a basic human right, every day for all. We seek to design feminist, just and inclusive systems, translate knowledge into action, and support changemakers to meaningfully advance gender justice.

The How:

The Global Center for Gender Equality works to amplify programmatic impact and strengthen gender equality in the global health, agricultural, and other development sectors through gender integration – changing how organizations function, and how projects are designed, implemented, and evaluated. We support philanthropists to reimagine their mission — to champion gender equality and unlock capital for gender justice issues around the world. We build momentum and capacity for a gender-integrated approach to feminist leadership.

We have a unique organizational model supported by a core team of ~20 staff and a large consultant bench of over 65 members with a diverse range of sectoral and geographic expertise who together provide demand-driven, evidence-based advisory and technical gender integration support.

Our Values:

  • Work in Relationship: The future we envision cannot be realized by working in isolation.
  • Value Wholeness: Bridging disciplines and working across silos to serve the whole human.
  • Foster Inclusion: We value, engage, listen to, and learn from all voices— particularly those that have been historically excluded from exercising power.
  • Stretch beyond comfort: We are called to see what we haven’t yet seen, listen for what we don’t know and do better as we learn.
  • Be Transparent: We foster trust and accountability by being open about our processes, decision-making, practices, challenges, learning and growth edges.

How we show up:

  • Curious: Inspired by the possibilities that surface when diverse voices, ideas and perspectives are elevated and come together, we ask: “What if?” and “Why not?”
  • Brave: We are unapologetic feminists and commit to speak hard truths, sharing and ceding power. We persist, and will adapt when needed, without compromising our principles.
  • Humble: Since we are working in emergent spaces, we know that new solutions will not always be clear and may not always be ours to find.
  • Trustworthy: We pledge to be true to our commitments, be honest in our relationships and hold ourselves accountable to a diverse array of stakeholders.
  • Self-Assured: We are clear about our vision and hold an open mind about the roles we can play, always asking, “how can we use our power wisely in service of what is needed?”

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If you have questions about this position, please email [email protected].