Feminist Financial Resilience – Project Coordinator

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Feminist Financial Resilience – Project Coordinator

You can download the job posting in English.

The Feminist Financial Resilience (FFR) collaboration seeks to hire a consultant to coordinate, facilitate and support our project which focuses on building knowledge and capacity to strengthen financial resilience for our funds.

The FFR is a collaboration formed in 2022 between the Women’s Fund Tanzania and Xoexe -Francophone Women’s Fund with the objective of building our organizatations’ financial resilience. We plan to emerge from this process with the knowledge, skills, tools, resources and connections to continue our journeys toward financial resilience in the long-term.

The process started with financial assessments conducted in 2022 and continues through 2024 as we implement our customized financial resilience plans. We seek to hire a Project Coordinator to guide and support us as we continue this journey during 2023 and 2024.

Scope of Work and Objectives
The overall role of the Project Coordinator is to organize, facilitate and support the implementation of the FFR collaboration’s 2-year plan. This will include:

● Hold the FFR project timeline and roadmap: monitor, encourage and support progress toward objectives;
● Communicate with and between WFT and Xoese, and external consultants, to support advances on project;
● Develop the terms of reference for and be the point of contact for external consultants, including translators, graphic recorders, coaches and trainers;
● Coordinate with the Steering Group to identify all the needs for online and offline communication, gathers and meeting, and ensure that all of these types of engagement are meaningful and contribute to the collaboration moving forward, toward its objectives;
● Schedule, coordinate and facilitate annual and other periodic group meetings, including monthly or quarterly Steering Group meetings;
● Develop agendas and ensure note-taking for all Steering Group meetings; record and incorporate learnings and decision-making;
● Develop and coordinate a peer mentoring program with other Women’s Funds in the Prospera network: create a plan with objectives and suggested methodologies, reach out to potential peer mentors (other Women’s Funds) and coordinate their involvement in the program; document learnings and share them with the women’s funds and the broader feminist funding community;

● Develop and coordinate a learning and sharing plan that includes documentation of the process and developing materials to be shared with the women’s funds community;
● Develop and write an annual report on the project to be used for both internal learning and reporting to the donor;
● Additional tasks related to project coordination that will emerge during the course of the consultancy.

The consultant will have demonstrated experience coordinating projects, facilitating, documenting and
supporting group collaborations in online and in-person contexts, ideally for women’s rights, feminist or
similar non-profit organizations.

Other desired skills and experience include:
● Experience and track record in project coordination, group facilitation and learning & evaluation with women’s funds or other types of non-profit organizations based in the Global South.
● Based in or with significant experience with organizations based on the African continent.
● Strong written and verbal communication skills in English and French.
● Clear communication and active listening skills, experience communicating with diverse groups of people.
● Strong online and in-person facilitation skills, and experience and skill coordination with external consultants including designers.
● Strong documentation and writing skills, including writing for external audiences.
● Motivated to work with a geographically, culturally, ethnically, racially and organizationally diverse group of people.
● Motivated to work independently when needed and in cooperation with others when needed.

Timing and Fees
March 2023 – December 2024.
The initial contract would be until December 2023, and there is a possibility the contract could be extended based on mutual agreement.
The consultancy is part-time and estimated to be for 5-10 days per month. During some months the work will be more intense and others less.

The fees for this role are USD$1,000 to USD$1,500 (gross) per month, depending on experience and availability.

The consultant will be contracted by Xoexe – Francophone Women’s Fund.

To apply for this consulting position, please send your CV including information about similar work, and a brief description (1-2 pages) of your approach to this project to [email protected] by February 20, 2023.