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Grassroots social campaign with a simple mission–to spread joy.

Queer Joy Collective Internship Program 2023


Introducing the Queer Joy Collective Internship Program!

Are you passionate about uplifting diverse voices from the LGBTQIA+ community? Do you want to contribute to a start-up initiative that aims to spread Queer Joy and make a meaningful impact? If you’re ready to jump into exciting projects, learn and grow with us, and make a positive difference, then this could be the perfect opportunity for you.


The Queer Joy Collective is a grassroots social campaign with a simple mission–to spread joy. At the heart of our organization lies a belief in the power of snail mail communication. In a world overwhelmed by instant digital interactions, getting a physical, handwritten letter in the mail threads a quilt of connection. Through monthly letters and a digital hub archiving queer expressions of joy, the Queer Joy Collective stitches together a colorful narrative of hope within our queer community.

Discover us at Queerjoycollective.org and @qjcollective on Instagram

To apply fill out our application at queerjoycollective.org on our Internship Page under the Community Tab

Email all questions to [email protected]


Internship Overview: Our internship program will run for four months, starting from Mid-August and concluding in Mid-December. During this period, you’ll have the opportunity to work closely with the founders, gain valuable experience, and contribute to our mission of spreading Queer Joy. We have many exciting positions available so please read the description below carefully!

Internship Eligibility: As an organization committed to diversity and inclusivity, we highly encourage applications from BIPOC, neurodivergent, formerly incarcerated, those from low-income backgrounds, and other marginalized communities.

Internship Roles:


Blog Writer

As a Blog writer, you’ll have creative freedom to produce an array of written content that celebrates Queer Joy. This could take the form of personal narratives, interviews, poems, short stories, fictional writing and more. You’ll be required to produce two quality written pieces each month at your own pace and share them with your community via social media platforms.

Skills needed to succeed in the Blog Writer position:

Strong understanding of grammar, punctuation, and writing style
Self-discipline to meet monthly writing targets and deadlines
Openness to feedback and willingness to continuously improve writing abilities
Collaboration skills to work with other team members

Social Media Specialists:

In the social media track, you can choose from three specializations: Content Creation, Social Media Management, or Community Builder.

Content Creation

Social Media Management

Community Builder

Content Creation

We aim to take on three interns for the Content Creation Cohort (subject to change)

As a Content Creation Intern you’ll produce captivating visual and written content for our social media platforms. Your role will involve crafting eye-catching posts, videos, and graphics that resonate with our target audience and align with our mission of spreading Queer Joy. Join us to bring your artistic flair and storytelling skills to inspire and engage our vibrant community.

Main responsibilities:

Generate original content to be posted on our Instagram and TikTok accounts
Write appealing SEO driven captions utilizing strategic hashtagging to boost visibility and engagement
Send your creations to the Social Media Management Team who will schedule and post your work
Successfully create and implement a UGC (User Generated Content) campaign and manage throughout internship
Explore emerging social media trends and tools to keep the collective’s content fresh, relevant, and innovative
Communicate with writing interns to create social media promotions for their writing (example; creating an Instagram story with a quote from a new blog post)

Skills needed to succeed in the Content Creation position:

Creativity to ideate and produce visually captivating content
Proficiency in video editing and graphic design tools to create engaging posts
Understanding of current social media trends and platform algorithms
Knowledge of target audience preferences and content that resonates with them
Ability to align content with the organization’s branding and messaging
Strong storytelling skills to convey the essence of Queer Joy through visuals
Flexibility to adapt content based on platform and audience dynamics
Collaboration skills to work with other team members

Social Media Management

We aim to take on one-two interns for the Social Media Management position (subject to change)

As a Social Media Management Intern, you’ll be at the helm of our social media presence, overseeing content scheduling, community engagement, and growth strategies. Your role will involve analyzing data to optimize our social media performance, collaborating with content creators, and implementing effective outreach campaigns. Join us to make a real impact in amplifying the voice of Queer Joy and fostering meaningful connections with our audience.

Main responsibilities:

Manage a consistent posting schedule on our social media platforms (Instagram and TikTok)
Communicate with the Content Creation Cohort to ensure timely execution of their work to meet your scheduling deadlines
Interact and engage with followers by commenting, liking, and replying to DM’s
Implement follow strategy developed by the Community Builder Intern which includes following 20 accounts identified by them weekly
Track performance logistics through KGI’s
Produce a report at the end of the internship identifying social media performance and areas to improve based off of your KGI data

Skills needed to succeed in the Social Media Management position:

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
Ability to manage and schedule content across multiple platforms
Analytical skills to monitor and analyze social media performance metrics
Collaboration skills to work with other team members

Building Community:

We aim to take on one-two interns for the Building Community position (subject to change)

Main responsibilities:

Strategize ways to sustainably and organically build a thriving Queer Joy Collective community
Generate a weekly list of 20 strategic social media accounts to follow and communicate to the Social Media Manager to implement
Identify potential influencers/brands/accounts to work with on social media
Identify niche communities that may connect to the mission of our organization
Coordinate an Instagram “24 hour Take Over” by a relevant influencer to occur during your internship
Produce a report to submit at the end of your internship identifying strategies to grow

Skills needed to succeed in the Community Building position:

Strong understanding of diverse community needs and interests
Empathy and inclusivity to foster a welcoming and supportive community atmosphere
Strategic thinking to develop sustainable and organic community growth plans
Ability to identify and engage with potential influencers and community partners
Active listening skills to respond to community feedback and concerns
Proficiency in community management tools and platforms
Analytical mindset to track community growth and engagement metrics

Essential community guidelines for all interns

Spreading Queer Joy: Contribute to the overarching mission of the Queer Joy Collective by amplifying stories of joy, resilience, and empowerment, creating a sense of hope and positivity.

Cultural Sensitivity: Approach your work with cultural awareness and sensitivity, recognizing and respecting the diversity of experiences within the LGBTQIA+ community.

Professional Growth: Embrace feedback and guidance from mentors, founders, and fellow interns to continuously improve your skills and expand your creative horizons.

Collaboration: Collaborate with other interns and team members to explore cross-disciplinary projects, amplifying the collective impact of our initiatives.

Long-lasting Impact: Aim to leave a lasting impact through your work, inspiring and resonating with audiences long after the internship concludes.



Onboarding and Learning Opportunity: To kickstart the internship, we’ll host an onboarding training via Zoom, where you’ll hear from the founders, learn about our mission, and set objectives for the internship. Additionally, you will undertake an Independent Learning Opportunity Assignment tailored to your interests and our organizational needs. This could involve completing a Google 3-hour Marketing certificate, attending a live writing workshop, or participating in a UGC webinar. Your assignment’s outcome will be shared with us before the official start of the internship.

Support and Benefits: While this is an unpaid internship opportunity, we are committed to making it a mutually beneficial experience. Throughout the internship, you will receive mentorship from our founders, access to educational and career development resources, and the opportunity to expand your network of queer working professionals. Additionally, you’ll be given a free membership to our Letter Subscription for the duration of your internship.

Upon successful completion of the internship, you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion, LinkedIn Endorsements from both founders, and a Letter of Recommendation upon request. We are also happy to assist with any necessary paperwork for academic credit.

Application Process: To apply, submit your resume, a work sample, and a brief response to our supplemental questions. Interviews will be conducted via Zoom, and successful applicants will receive a decision within a week.

Application Deadline: July 26th – August 9th

Interviews: August 10th – 15th

Welcome/Onboarding Training: Last two weeks of August

Internship Begins: September 1st.

Join our Mission: If you are motivated by our mission of spreading Queer Joy and can work independently with little supervision, we encourage you to apply. Show us your passion, creativity, and dedication to creating positive change!