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Codman Square NDC is looking for a focused and organized database specialist who can work collaboratively with management and program staff to maintain and improve our Salesforce database, preserve data quality, automate, and streamline data entry where possible, and ensure the system effectively captures outcomes as they relate to organizational goals and priorities. This person will develop reports and dashboards to support the management team, program staff and board in making data-driven strategic decisions. The Director of Systems and Data Management will also play a significant role in maintaining the integrity of the database by regularly assessing data quality, making corrections and updates where necessary, and managing all third-party applications to ensure that automations are transmitting accurate and complete data. We are searching for someone who can improve the efficacy and efficiency of the Salesforce system and collaborate with program staff to make their user experience as positive as possible. Related to this, an ideal candidate should be accessible, people-oriented, and able to effectively train team members on how to use and make the most of the Salesforce system, while supporting best practices and overall data quality. Finally, this role will be responsible for developing documentation and training materials to support organizational transparency and a high-level of understanding in relation to Salesforce and other related applications. Reporting to the Vice President of Operations, this position will work closely with CSNDC’s Senior Management team, service delivery staff, and external parties and the Board of Directors, as appropriate.





Responsibilities and Duties:


Data and Database Management:

·         Work closely with management, program staff and other stakeholders to determine what data needs to be tracked, how often, and the best architecture to maintain system integrity and produce the desired end-results. Ensure the system and its entire dataset complies with all legal requirements and funder obligations.

·         Identify, install, and evaluate database management systems and software in order to determine the most efficient and viable way to organize, store, track, and report data.

·         Model, design and implement user friendly automated databases, working with end users to find out what information they need to track the periodicity of tracking and the segregation and aggregation requirements of data (e.g., how frequently, what categories they need to split it by and what would make it easy to use, etc.).

·         Develop onboarding orientations and regular trainings for staff and other end users.

·         Monitor and troubleshoot the Salesforce instance and all related/integrated third-party applications to ensure proper system performance.

·         Install updates, security patches, and make necessary changes in a timely manner to ensure the system’s security, integrity, and compatibility with other platforms.

·         Determine staff needs, and other roles and responsibilities as it relates to system maintenance, data quality and compliance.

·         Maintain regular data backup files and other necessary redundancies to ensure business continuity.


Systems Development:

·         Collaborate with Senior Managers and staff to identify and remove barriers that hinder efficient data entry and disrupt the overall end-user experience. Layouts, menus, profiles, reports, dashboards, and other user interfaces should be designed to minimize the time program staff spend on data entry, so they can focus on program operations as much as possible.

·         Take the lead in coordinating, completing, and submitting key regular agency reports in a timely and effective manner. This includes reporting related to and tracking and evaluating the organization’s overall operating goals.

·         Determine development priorities and technology infrastructure needs to properly maintain and improve the system, and effectively communicate these needs to other decision-makers.

·         Review contracts to determine how contractual requirements relate to development of the overall database system and implement changes to the system to ensure compliance.

·         Continuously engage key stakeholders in developing and refining technology-related policies and procedures that maintain or improve the system’s efficiency, effectiveness, security, and the overall user experience. Also, support CSNDC and all stakeholders in understanding and implementing those policies and procedures.




Skills and Experience:

Three to five years’ experience in database management systems and a bachelor’s degree or higher in a related field. Salesforce Administrator Certification strongly preferred. Must be an excellent problem-solver. The ideal candidate will possess strong project management skills and demonstrated experience working as part of a multi- disciplinary team with various levels of staff, including Senior Managers, to achieve specific goals. Excellent verbal and written communication skills will be needed for designing training and policy documents. We are looking for someone patient and people-oriented: a professional who can clearly communicate complex technology concepts, and their value, to people who are not technology-focused. Solid knowledge of other business programs including, but not limited to, Microsoft Office software such as Word and Excel. Having familiarity or some exposure to Tableau would be a bonus. Bilingual in Spanish, Haitian Creole, or Cape Verdean Creole, as well as prior experience in or knowledge of community development corporations or the nonprofit field a plus.


Salary: $70,000; salary negotiable, depending on relevant work experience.