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Updated: April 08, 2024

Job Classification: Firefighter/EMT Paramedic

The Pembroke Pines Fire Department is seeking to establish an eligibility list for the position of Firefighter/EMT and Firefighter/Paramedic! All candidates must take the FireTEAM exam as well as the CPAT through National Testing Network to be considered further in the hiring process.

The department requires the candidate to complete the Public Safety Self-Assessment (PSSA). You can access the questionnaire through your candidate account. NTN suggests completing the PSSA as soon as possible so your process does not delay.

**Priority will be given to State of Florida Certified Paramedics**

Base Salary Information: $50,069

Firefighter/EMT – $50,069 – $84,938

Firefighter/Paramedic – $59,829 – $94,673

The base salary of a Firefighter/EMT who has a valid State of Florida Paramedic License shall include an additional $4,500, and upon successful completion of the protocol test, the member shall receive another $4,500 increase.

Benefits Information: Medical, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, Paid Holidays, Pension Plan, 457 Plan, Paid Vacation, Safety Day Program, Voluntary Insurance Products, Education Reimbursement, Annual City Paid Extensive Physical Exams, 24-hour shifts, Kelly Days

Job Requirements

High School Grad/GED: Yes

Valid FLORIDA Driver’s License: Yes

Ability to Read/Speak English: Yes

College: No

Academy Certification: Yes

Prior Experience: No

Necessary Certifications:

  • Minimum Standards Course Firefighter I/II Certification
  • Emergency Medical Technician or EMT-Paramedic
  • BLS Healthcare Provider
  • Emergency Vehicle Operations Certificate

Additional Requirements:

  • Training and Experience: High School Diploma or GED, supplemented by certification as a firefighter by the State of Florida.
  • Must possess a State of Florida EMT certification and a State of Florida Class E Operator’s License.
  • Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills:
  • Knowledge of firefighting principles and practices.
  • Knowledge of Fire Department rules & regulations.
  • Knowledge of tools, equipment, and apparatus used in firefighting.
  • Ability to learn a wide variety of firefighting and rescue duties within the required probationary period.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees and the general public.
  • Ability to react quickly and calmly in emergencies.
  • Ability to keep simple records and make reports.
  • Skill in the use of firefighting tools and equipment.
  • Physical Requirements:
    • The task is essentially sedentary, with occasional walking, bending, light lifting, or other restricted physical activities.
  • Task involves some physical effort, i.e., standing and walking, frequent light lifting (5-10 pounds), or minimal dexterity in using fingers, limbs, or body in the operation of shop or office equipment.
  • Task may involve extended periods of time at a keyboard.
  • The task involves frequent walking, standing, some lifting and carrying objects of moderate weight (12-20 pounds), and/or operating vehicles, office, shop keyboards, or hand tools, in which manipulative skills and hand-eye coordination are important ingredients of safe and/or productive operations.
  • Task involves the regular, and at times sustained, performance of heavier physical tasks such as walking over rough or uneven surfaces, bending, stooping, working in confined spaces, and lifting or carrying moderately heavy (20-50 pounds) items and occasionally very heavy (100 pounds or over) items; or may involve the complex operation of gasoline, electric, or diesel-powered machinery or shop equipment requiring the manipulation of multiple controls, fine adjustments or both, or the sustained operation, on a production basis, of such devices as offset presses with associated equipment.
  • The task involves the frequent use of coordinative and manipulative skills in performing a variety of tasks with the full range of hand and power tools and shop equipment, or the skilled and complex operation of heavy equipment, which calls for adherence to exacting standards of depth, grade, dimensions, and contours.
  • The task involves the continuous operation of hand and power tools and the full range of shop equipment to exacting tolerances, calling for full coordination of sensory and manipulative ability to achieve full production to acceptable standards.
  • The task may involve occasional heavy lifting or moving, but the emphasis is placed on coordination and manipulation skills.
    Environmental Requirements:

    • The task must be performed regularly without exposure to adverse environmental conditions (e.g., dirt, cold, rain, fumes).
  • Task may require infrequent exposure to adverse environmental conditions.
  • The task may require frequent exposure to adverse environmental conditions.
  • Task requires that work be performed in adverse environmental conditions.
    Sensory Requirements:
  • The task requires no special sensory demands.
  • Task requires color perception and discrimination.
  • Task requires sound perception and discrimination.
  • Task requires taste perception and discrimination.
  • Task requires odor perception and discrimination.
  • Task requires depth perception and discrimination.
  • Task requires texture perception and discrimination.
  • Task requires visual perception and discrimination.
  • Task requires oral communication ability.

Hiring Process: Candidates should obtain a CPAT card via NTN testing centers and submit a request for employment interest. The Pembroke Pines Fire Rescue Department will contact selected candidates for interviews and document collection.