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Job Information

11 Uptown Circle

Updated: June 10, 2024

Job Classification: Police Officer

The Normal Police Department requires the candidate to complete a Public Safety Self-Assessment (PSSA). You can access the assessment through your candidate account. NTN suggests completing the PSSA as soon as possible so your process does not delay.

The Normal Police Department also requires candidates to fill out a department application, which can be found here. Applications are due June 28th at 5:00 p.m. CST.

All candidates must take the FrontLine National exam through National Testing Network by July 2nd at 5:00 p.m. CST.

Salary Information: $70,613

Benefit Information:

  • Progressive Salary Administration
  • Patrol Officers with less than one year of service in the department will be paid at Step 0 while completing the training academy and F.T.O. program.
  • Upon successful completion of the academy and F.T.O. program, Patrol
  • Officers will advance to Step 1. Except for advancement to Step 0 and Step 1, all step increases will be granted on employment anniversary dates for employees.

Group Health Plan
The Town has a comprehensive self-funded medical plan with a United Health Care Preferred Provider Option (PPO). Employees may choose between two plan design options: a traditional PPO plan with a $500/person and $1000/family deductible or a High-Deductible Health Plan with a Health Savings Account (HSA) component.

The Town currently pays the monthly insurance premium for full-time employees who participate in the wellness program. Based on an employee’s plan selection, the town may contribute to employee HSAs. Dependent coverage is available, with the Town contributing 50% toward the dependent premium.

Group Dental Plan
The Town has a comprehensive self-funded dental plan that provides payment of 80% of eligible expenses for preventive and 70% of basic & major care. Preventive dental benefits are not subject to the deductible. The Town pays the monthly premium for full-time employees. The maximum benefit is $2,000 per person per calendar year and covers orthodontics, 50% up to $2000 per lifetime per covered individual. Dependent coverage is available, with the Town contributing 50% toward the premium.

Vision Plan
VSP is the provider of the Town’s vision plan. Employees can choose between two plans, which cover a portion of the cost of exams, contacts, lenses, and frames.

Pension Programs
By state statute, sworn Police Officers are eligible for pension programs administered by independent pension boards.

ICMA-RC Deferred Compensation and Roth IRA Plans:
The Town offers a voluntary 457 retirement savings plan through ICMA-RC. Per IRS regulation, employees can contribute a portion of their salary up to a predetermined dollar limit in effect for that year or 100% of gross salary, whichever is less. Town employees can also make Roth IRA contributions through payroll deduction.

Flexible Spending Plan
This is a salary reduction plan in accordance with IRS regulations. Participants selecting pre-tax payment of their dependent health and dental premiums, day care expenses, or non-covered medical expenses will have those payroll deductions sheltered from taxable income.

Life Insurance
The Town provides a $30,000 term policy with Accidental Death and dismemberment coverage to all full-time employees. Optional dependent coverage for spouse ($10,000) and children over 6 months ($3,000) is available. The Town also offers a voluntary life insurance program. This is a term life program from The Standard that can be purchased for employees, spouses, and dependent children. Evidence of insurability may be required.

Personal Convenience Days
Full-time and regular part-time employees receive three paid days per fiscal year. New hires receive a pro-rated share of PC time at hire.

Vacation Leave
Full-time employees earn vacation monthly based on the following:

40-hour week:

< 6 years
6.67 hours per month
6 – 14 years
10.00 hours per month
> 14 years
13.33 hours per month
Sick Leave
Employees earn sick leave at the rate of one day per month, twelve days per year. Maximum accumulation is 120 days. Employees may use sick leave for personal illness, injury, or doctor’s appointments. Employees may also use sick leave for care of a spouse, dependent less than 18 years of age, or parent when their presence is deemed necessary by a healthcare professional.

Employees may be eligible to apply for tuition reimbursement. For pre-approved, job-related classes or courses, the Town will pay up to 100% for tuition and books. Some positions may have opportunities to attend conferences, workshops, or other ongoing professional development.

Employee Assistance Program
The Town’s EAP provides professional counseling services and specialty referrals for employees and dependents. Morneau Shepell is the current EAP Coordinator. Services include meeting with employees or dependents to determine the proper course of treatment, providing some counseling services free of charge, or referring the client to an appropriate outside counselor. The Town’s health plan may pay for a portion of counseling services.

Wellness Program
The Wellness Program includes an annual health risk appraisal screening. The Town also offers a wellness program to all employees covered by the group health insurance. This program provides fun, interactive challenges and access to personal health coaching, a trainer, and a dietician.

Employee Credit Union
The Town supports the Normal City Employees Federal Credit Union (NCEFCU). NCEFCU provides an alternative institution for personal savings through payroll deductions. Employees/members may be eligible for signature and collateralized loans.

Legal Consultations
Employees may obtain free legal advice on some personal matters from the Legal Department. However, the Legal Department does not provide legal representation for Town employees.

Miscellaneous Benefits

Other benefits may include an Employee Appreciation Luncheon, Length of Service recognition, Holiday Gift Certificates, a Children’s Holiday Party, an Employee Holiday Luncheon, employee outings, and other tokens of appreciation.

*This is a summary highlighting some of the Town’s benefits. It is intended as an overview. The Town reserves the right to amend or end any or all benefits under its control. Benefits for Police and covered by a Collective Bargaining Agreement are detailed in the C.B.A. These agreements must be consulted to ascertain any benefit eligibility or benefit details. For specific questions on benefits, contact the Human Resources Department.

Department Contact
Shelley Ropp
HR Office Associate

[email protected]

Department Overview: If you are seeking a career where you positively impact a community, develop a strong sense of pride, build lifelong friendships, and work with a team of professionals that will enhance your own professional development, the Normal Police Department is the organization for you.

Town Information: The Town of Normal’s identity is strong and distinct, shaped by its history and unique local assets and by every member of the community. Normal is a progressive community defined by a culture of lifelong learning, agricultural roots, family-friendly neighborhoods, a wealth of arts and entertainment amenities, and a forward-thinking and sustainable approach to community development. The Town is committed to providing exceptional customer service, fiscal sustainability, and promoting a work environment and a community that values and supports diversity and inclusion. Community and workplace values at the Town of Normal – productivity, responsibility, integrity, dedication, and empathy – are core to performance and the services we deliver.

Population: Approximately 55,000

Job Requirements

Age: At least 21 years old by April 1, 2024

Citizenship Required: Yes

High School Grad/GED: Yes

Valid ILLINOIS Driver’s License: Yes

Ability to Read/Speak English: Yes

Vision: Candidates who receive a conditional offer of employment must complete a medical exam which includes the ISHIHARA test to determine the existence and extent of color deficiency, an essential element for completion of police duties

College: Desirable but not required

Academy Certification: No

Prior Experience: No

Necessary Certifications: Must be eligible to be licensed as a Police Officer in the State of Illinois (50 ILCS 705/6 and 50 ILCS 705/6.1)

Additional Requirements: Must be eligible to be licensed as a Police Officer in the State of Illinois (50 ILCS 705/6 and 50 ILCS 705/6.1)

Hiring Process: The selection process takes approximately four months from start to finish. This includes the initial employment application deadline and the posting of the final eligibility pool. Applicants not appointed to probationary status may re-apply for employment during any subsequent testing cycle.

Duties/Essential Job Functions:

Performs both self-initiated and directed community service, including positive, proactive, and preventive contact with the public.

Patrols a designated area of the Town in a radio-equipped car, on bicycle or by foot, to preserve law and order, to prevent and discover the commission of crime, provide for traffic safety, and enforce motor vehicle laws and parking regulations. Determines DUI status; inspects disabled vehicles and lends assistance to motorists.

Answers calls and complaints involving fires, automobile accidents, robberies, and neighborhood disturbances, including fights, labor disputes, domestic quarrels, and other misdemeanors and felonies. After restoring order, the appropriate law enforcement intervention is evaluated and determined.

Secures the scene of crime or accident, administers first aid, conducts a preliminary investigation, gathers and protects evidence, obtains witnesses, makes arrests, and calls for assistance.

Is responsible for contributing to the department’s overall goals as directed by supervisory staff.

Assists Town and State Attorneys in case preparation, reading case background materials, exhibits, etc. Testifies as a witness in court.

Places person(s) under arrest, apprehending and subduing as necessary, Mirandize, assuring own safety; performs legal search and seizure activities.
Gathers and prepares detailed automobile accident reports, including interviewing witnesses and taking enforcement action when appropriate.
Interviews persons with complaints and inquiries in an attempt to make a proper disposition or direct them to the proper community service agency. Evaluate the information gathered and draw lawful conclusions.

Provides accurate information on laws and ordinances and general information to the public.

Attends periodic training classes related to the position in order to keep up to date on procedures, policies, and laws. Reads department bulletins, directives, manuals, police journals or texts, court decisions, etc., to maintain proficiency.
Performs the required tasks related to assignment in special areas (e.g., Traffic Division, Crime Prevention, Criminal Investigation Division, and other specialty positions as determined by the Chief of Police).

Performs special duties such as traffic control, crowd control, vehicle escorts, etc.
Maintains and demonstrates proficiency in firearms skills by passing the annual firearms qualification necessary to maintain certification by the Illinois State Training Board.

Prepares clear, concise reports required for the position

Performs other duties as assigned.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Possess excellent written and oral communication skills, including the ability to speak clearly, understandably, and effectively, and the ability to prepare clear and comprehensive reports with proper grammar and spelling.

Possess excellent interpersonal skills, including getting people to follow directions and inspire confidence in others.

Possess excellent customer service-oriented skills, including the ability to deal courteously but firmly with the general public.

Ability to quickly learn and apply police methods, practices, and procedures to specific situations and learn and properly apply new methods and ideas.

Ability to quickly learn and apply the geography of the Town of Normal and the location of important buildings.

Ability to conduct oneself in a manner above reproach, maintaining a positive image on and off duty.

Ability to remember names, faces, and details related to cases investigated by the department.

Be free from personal biases or prejudices, which might interfere with police duties.

Reading, listening, and comprehending police-related materials is necessary to understand and carry out oral and written instructions.

Ability to develop skills in the use of firearms and all police equipment necessary to perform the job and to be able to use force in accordance with departmental policy and state and federal law.

Ability to analyze situations and adopt quick, effective, and reasonable courses of action with regard to surrounding hazards and circumstances.

Ability to quickly learn criminal law, motor vehicle law, laws of arrest, search & seizure, and so forth.

Ability to quickly learn and properly apply new methods, laws, and legal decisions and use what is learned.

Possess determination, be dependable and decisive, as well as to possess the ability to follow through.

Ability to get along with a variety of people, to work well independently and as part of a group or team.

Possess the physical strength and agility to meet the physical demands of the position of a police officer as indicated by a physical test and/or physical examination.

Ability to climb obstacles such as fences or walls by jumping or pulling oneself over, then be able to jump down.

Ability to use physical strength and ability when encountering resistance in order to subdue and arrest a resisting individual.

To apply for this job email your details to recruiter@ergometrics.org