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Feminist Majority

The Feminist Majority (FM) is recruiting college and university students and recent graduates in Virginia to organize and mobilize fellow students to vote for pro-choice candidates in the general election on Tuesday, November 7, 2023. FM is hiring for Campus Organizers ($15/hr) at colleges and universities throughout Virginia.

FM’s Get Out the Vote campaign is a student-led voter education and mobilization campaign to increase student voter turnout and encourage students to vote for candidates that are committed to feminist principles and protecting reproductive freedom.

Campus Organizers

Campus Organizers will organize in teams on their campuses through Election Day, November 7, playing an essential role in working to protect reproductive freedom in Virginia by organizing and mobilizing their communities to vote for pro-choice candidates.

Campus Organizers will:

  • Educate students about their right to register and vote where they attend school;
  • Speak at the start/end of classes, in residence hall meetings, in student organization meetings, and at campus events about what’s at stake in this election;
  • Host visibility activities on campus, including tabling and flyering, and social media;
  • Recruit and coordinate volunteers to participate in campaign activities; and
  • Organize rallies and events to encourage voter turnout during early voting and on Election Day.

Qualified applicants are:

  • Passionate about feminism, gender justice, and equality;
  • Active on their campus, including but not limited to, participation and leadership in student organizations and student government;
  • Able to work independently as a self-starter and collaboratively as part of a team;
  • Reliable and detail-oriented;
  • Able to work well in a fast-paced environment;
  • Personable and able to inspire, recruit, and coordinate volunteers;
  • Exceptional written and oral communicators; and
  • Adept at creating content for social media to grow a following and influence others. Prior experience on a campaign is highly desirable.This is a temporary position through November 10, 2023, with an estimated time commitment of 5-15 hours/week.

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The Feminist Majority is an equal opportunity employer committed to excellence through diversity. People of color, ethnic or religious minorities, people with disabilities, LGBTQIA individuals, and other historically marginalized people are highly encouraged to apply.